Calling all Good Food Lovers,

A limited offer invitation to join “The Olive Oil Club”

The big problem for us in Great Britain is that very little fresh pressed olive oil ever makes it to our shores.

As consumers, we insist on fresh bread, fresh milk, fresh fish, fresh meat, and fresh produce. Surely, we also have a right to fresh olive oil. Of course, we do ... but our whole distribution system seems designed to conceal the real age of olive oil from you, resulting in the widespread consumption on these shores of flat, even stale oil.

I always include in my oratory, olive oil, unlike some wines does not improve with time. It is just the opposite, at its peak of delicious perfection immediately after it is pressed. This is why people in olive-growing regions around the world are a little fanatic to say the least, as am I, about fresh-pressed olive oil.

Olive oil imported to the UK can arrive months, maybe even a year, after its pressing, and even worse, the oil may have visited two or even three countries before arriving, some even are bottled in a different country! This unfortunately means that the freshness and delicate nuances of the oil is already on its way out or worse lost by the time it reaches our shelves.

A truly wonderful experience, I have never tasted olive oil like this in my three score and fifteen years - Brian, London

Frankly quite remarkable, I shall not be able to face a stale oil from now on!! - Ian, Northants

Wow! Simply delicious, more please! Anne, Derby

My vegetables are beaming at me off the plate - Jo, Herts

Did you know, many olive oils are bottled and labeled without reference to their production dates, making it impossible for you to determine how fresh the oil is. Indeed, the sell by date is the bottling date and not the date of pressing! After all, this natural fresh fruit juice - yes, it is a fruit - is only harvested at a specific time of year at each geographical location.

Another huge problem is olive oil is now being produced in one country and then bottled in another, whilst this practice is legal, the olive however is not so happy about this treatment. You, like me, have probably wasted money on olive oils whose flavours have faded and dulled - maybe even turned rancid.

Each variety of olive has a particular “pepper” kick for purists perhaps the worst crime is blending the varieties of the olive, which can lead to a rampant prickle, “the out of order pepper kick!”

I have a solution...

For the last 5 years my partner, wife and soul mate have traveled around the Mediterranean, based in Greece – where fresh olive oil was second nature. We also chose our grower and press owner carefully, looking into their eyes, and questioning, “Do you care for your olives? Is there a love in his eyes for his trees, does he have a passion?

We returned recently to the UK, to bring our love of all things that the olive tree can offer to the Brit's! I quickly learnt that fresh olive oil of real quality is not available to us in Great Britain.

From April, this year for the first time, I offered fresh-pressed olive oil to my customers in our shop “The Olive Trail” in Bloomsbury, London. The response was overwhelming customers could not get over what a difference just-pressed freshness makes in the flavour of their oil! You can see some of their delighted comments on this page.

The oil created a sensation, and customers have been asking for more - in some cases, pleading! – please, please make fresh oil available throughout the year.

However, what if I could find super-fresh, highest-quality olive oil, made somewhere in the world, anywhere in the world, every three months or so—which is about how long olive oil retains its peak of flavour and intensity.

Also this, delicious, fresh, new harvest oil could arrive at your home four times a year, thereby keeping that incredibly fresh, fruity taste flowing over your breads, salads, fish, meat, and pasta all year round.

Until recently there was no real olive oil harvest to speak of in the southern hemisphere but times are changing, and there are now some fine oils starting to emanate from countries like Argentina, Chile, Australia, New Zealand, and others.

This fills the gap for the missing six months in the year for ultra fresh oil!

I contacted Judy Ridgway: author, olive oil taster, and international judge. She has written 55 books, including “The Olive Oil Companion: A Connoisseur’s Guide,” and Best Olive Oil Buys around the World.” I invited her to visit me in Trizinia, Peloponnese, Greece to taste a lovely local olive oil.

It was in the depths of winter, early January 2006 when she and her husband Nick arrived, and I took them through my Olive Trail Experience and of course tasting the golden elixir of life!

We talked all things olive; I mentioned my “International Olive Trail”, Judy, in the course of her travels, had been to many countries looking for the freshest and best olive oils of the world. She mentioned David Rosengarten and that he was setting up a fresh olive oil club in America, and later they chose two of my grower’s oils to present to their newly formed club members.

I propose with other experts like Judy to taste new harvest oils four times a year for “The Olive Oil Club Members”- in November, February, May, July and only the best will be selected.

The freshness of this olive oil brings a new meaning to my foods - Bob, Birdseye Foods, USA

Such a wonderful experience - so when are starting the olive oil club? Jesse - USA

I never thought I could taste olive oil so nice, single variety, single estate, and the definitive pepper! - Dave, Aussie

MMMM! Yes! Molly, N. Ireland

As a member of “The Olive Oil Club”, you can expect four times a year three bottles of the world’s freshest olive oil to arrive at your home.

Enjoy exquisite olive oils to die for!

As in wine, the possible permutations of taste and texture in olive oils are amazing, that “dandelion prickle” or the powerful “pepper kick”, the oozing creamy, buttery delights. Flavours described as grassy, herbaceous, fruity, and always intense.

You will experience and learn some of the secrets in harvesting and what the effect is on the flavour, was that a ripe olive or not, perhaps mixed, what type of pressing technique was used. I will write up and include with your membership oil a full narrative on each of the oils, including about the producer, tasting notes, to add further atmosphere. I will also include a DIY tasting party plan that you could invite friends to.

If you would like to become a Founder Member of “The Olive Oil Club”, please let me know ASAP, so we will have enough time to arrange with the grower/producers for the next harvest.

How much does it cost? £194.85 buys a years Membership and 12 bottles of fresh olive (500ml each) delivered four times a year, three per delivery. UK deliveries only, overseas will incur a shipping charge at cost. You will also receive your own copy of "The Olive World Almanac" the worlds first olive oil guide with Judy's tasting notes and it will always be kept up to date whilst you are a Member.The Olive world Almanac

The minimum membership is one year and thereafter one-quarter notice can be given at any time. The offer we are presenting is exclusive to “The Olive Trail” and not available elsewhere. Indeed, I do not know of any other service in the UK that delivers precious fresh-pressed olive oils right to your door quarterly. This is truly a first, and you can be a Founder Member, remember you were there first!

How do I apply?
You will be amazed by the flavours and so will your Guests!

This is your big chance to be among the handful of British who will be able to enjoy these great fresh oils without needing your own private jet and pilot to whisk you around the globe. It means you need never again settle for mediocre, flat or stale olive oil! You can now let the dishes you serve be dramatically enhanced by these oils’ lively, vibrant flavours and quality. And, if you can ever part with one of your treasured bottles, think of what a fabulous, exclusive and personal gift it would make for a foodie friend who would have no other way to experience such taste!

This is one of those little luxuries, at a most reasonable price, that can add such delight and satisfaction to every meal you serve. You deserve such simple daily pleasure, you are worth it!!

Olive oil Although olive oil is almost 100 per cent fat, it is rich in nutrients and compounds that can help protect against age-related disease. It is high in monounsaturated fats, which lower levels of harmful LDL cholesterol while protecting the levels of "good" HDL cholesterol, and thus helps fight heart disease and stroke. Olive oil also contains squalene and oleuropein, which are powerful antioxidants, protecting blood cholesterol from oxidation. This antioxidant effect may also reduce the risk of some cancers, particularly of the breast and colon. Top-quality, cold-pressed oils contain more of the protective compounds.

What inspires me to say that? Perhaps you have travelled to Italy or other lands, where the culture encourages people to celebrate the pleasure of being alive, of taking time from the daily grind to appreciate friends and family, to celebrate fine food and wine at mealtime. Perhaps you’ve noticed, as have I, how this attitude adds a little sparkle and romance to daily life that we in Great Britain usually forego, with our noses so close to the grindstone. Well, for me, one-way I intend to embrace “the good life” is to indulge myself with these gloriously flavourful fresh-pressed olive oils whenever I wish.

If you feel the same way, I invite you to join me in this exciting adventure, our yearlong, follow-the-sun quest for the greatest and freshest olive oils in the world, as we vicariously travel the globe to capture this precious liquid gold. Who can resist such great taste, and such great fun?

Yours in the olive world,

Michael North
Ambassador of Freshly Pressed Olive Oils
PS Perhaps some of you would like to actually like to join me on the tasting trips, let me know and I will arrange a fully escorted and personally tutored tour for up to 15 private guests – first come first served

RSVP ASAP to recieve the next quarters chosen oils

How do I apply for Membership?

You can send payment to:
The Olive Trail, The Orchard, Milton Lane, Wookey Hole, Somerset, BA5 1DG


Apply online here